RP3: Meat Safety

RP3: Meat Safety

Ireland’s Foodwise 2025 report highlights that a foodborne outbreak is a key threat across all commodities, which could impact on growth opportunities for Irish food. Meat safety is critical to the sector and to Ireland’s agri-food economic success and global reputation. Access to new global markets will be supported by scientific evidence of the highest standards of safety in Irish meat, but may also require the Irish industry to meet different sets of food regulations in the new markets.

To avail of commercial opportunities in new distant export markets may also require the industry to significantly extend the shelf-life of fresh vacuum packed beef and lamb. The research plan undertaken in the MTI will be to apply, validate and transfer a series of intervention and management strategies, giving the meat industry new solutions that will enhance and assure meat safety, reduce spoilage events and extend shelf-life of fresh and vacuum packaged beef and lamb. These will take account of the current regulatory environments in Europe, and in relevant export markets, as well as the current commercial operating conditions in Irish meat plants.

Pillar 3 Programme Lead

Dr Geraldine Duffy

Dr Geraldine Duffy is Head of the Food Safety Department at Teagasc Research Centre, Ashtown, Dublin. Her research interest is in microbial food safety focusing on the transmission, behaviour and control of microbial pathogens along the farm to fork food chain. She has a particular interest in Shigatoxigenic E.coli (STEC) and is currently leading a large national programme on STEC which is applying a OneHealth approach to address key data gaps on the prevalence and types of STEC circulating in the Irish agri-food chain and an assessment of their human virulence, using a whole genome sequencing platform. She has published widely in the field of microbial food safety with over 120 peer reviewed publications. She has a high involvement in international research programmes, including the European Horizon 2020 Programme and has co-ordinated a multi-national EU Framework research project on beef safety and quality (Prosafebeef). She is a member of a number of professional committees including the scientific committee of the Food Safety Authority of Ireland and has served as a food safety expert for the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and W.H.O/FAO.