RP4: Meat Characterisation Technologies

RP4: Meat Characterisation Technologies

Characterisation of meat through the industry process cycle, from carcass to end product, is essential to ensure efficiency and competitiveness for the meat processing industry. Current research has identified novel state of the art technologies that can provide detailed physical and chemical information of meat with potential of scaling for in-line use. The objective of this MTI project is to identify the ‘best in class’ technology for beef and lamb meat characterisation with particular emphasis on the ability to predict yield and other criteria of commercial value. This includes conducting a review and feasibility analysis of the available technologies globally, and identifying technologies that have commercial viability. Laboratory, pilot scale and commercial trials will be conducted to validate any identified technology. This is in line with current government initiatives such as FoodWise 2025 which specifies the requirement for new technologies which can enhance supply chain interaction and improve the overall competitiveness of the Irish meat industry.

Pillar 4 Programme Lead

Ciara McDonnell (PhD)

Ciara McDonnell (PhD) is a Research Officer at the Teagasc Research Centre, Ashtown. Following completion of her PhD on novel meat processing technologies, Dr. McDonnell spent three years working in the food industry. During her time as Research Manager for a leading ingredient supplier to the processed meat industry, Dr. McDonnell assisted various meat processors in overcoming technical issues through ingredient and process innovations.

Her research interests are strongly focused on technologies for improved meat production in both fresh and processed sectors. This includes technologies for carcass evaluation with the objective of improved product consistency and predictive output. In the processed meat sector, Dr. McDonnell is leading projects on clean processing technologies for the development of healthier processed meats, produced by environmentally friendly and efficient processes.

Dr. McDonnell is the co-ordinator of the 63rd International Congress of Meat Science and Technology and Guest Editor for the international journal, Meat Science.