RP4: Meat Characterisation Technologies

RP4: Meat Characterisation Technologies

Characterisation of meat through the industry process cycle, from carcass to end product, is essential to ensure efficiency and competitiveness for the meat processing industry. Current research has identified novel state of the art technologies that can provide detailed physical and chemical information of meat with potential of scaling for in-line use. The objective of this MTI project is to identify the ‘best in class’ technology for beef and lamb meat characterisation with particular emphasis on the ability to predict yield and other criteria of commercial value. This includes conducting a review and feasibility analysis of the available technologies globally, and identifying technologies that have commercial viability. Laboratory, pilot scale and commercial trials will be conducted to validate any identified technology. This is in line with current government initiatives such as FoodWise 2025 which specifies the requirement for new technologies which can enhance supply chain interaction and improve the overall competitiveness of the Irish meat industry.

Pillar 4 Programme Lead

Ruth Hamill (PhD)

Ruth Hamill (PhD) is a Senior Research Officer working in the field of meat science in the Food Quality and Sensory Science Department at Teagasc Ashtown, since 2006. Previously, Dr. Hamill completed her PhD in University College Dublin and carried out postdoctoral research at the University of St Andrews, Scotland. Her research interests range from understanding, prediction, and optimisation of eating quality of fresh meat to the development of targeted meat products for specific population cohorts, such as older adults. She applies transcriptomic and proteomics technologies to understanding sensory and technological quality in beef, pork and lamb, and she leads research applying spectroscopic and imaging technologies including VisNIR and Raman spectroscopy and hyperspectral imaging to prediction of fresh meat quality. Dr. Hamill’s externally-funded research programme has been supported by national and International agencies, including DAFM, Enterprise Ireland, EU-FP7, EU-COST. She has authored more than 70 publications in the field of Meat Science, and is a member of the Editorial Board of the journal Meat Science.